• Special Education Services


    LaGrange School District 105 offers a continuum of special education services to those students who have undergone a case study evaluation, and have been found eligible to receive additional educational support during their school day. The student’s IEP will determine the services and amount of time needed to meet the student’s academic or behavioral needs. These services are as follows:


    LD Resource Support: The Resource Teacher provides the eligible student with additional instruction in the general curriculum, additional instruction using an alternate curriculum, drill and review on core academic content areas. If the student has an aide working with them, the Resource teacher provides the supervision and training for the aide, and makes any of the curriculum modifications or adaptations needed to assist the student in the general education classroom. Resource teachers also provide consultation to classroom teachers and may co-teach or provide small group instruction within the general education classroom. 


    Speech/Language Support: The Speech/Language Pathologist screens, evaluates and provides therapy for those students having articulation or language needs that directly impact their educational performance. All Kindergarten students are screened for speech/language delays within the first two weeks of school, and parents are contacted if the S/L Pathologist feels there is a need to do a more formal evaluation. Parents of pre-school children with speech or language delays may contact the S/L Pathologist in their home school directly to request a screening or evaluation to determine eligibility for service. Classroom teachers may refer students for a S/L screening if they feel that the student’s educational performance is being impacted. Services may be provided in the classroom, or through pullout sessions with individual or small groups of students. 


    Social Work Support: The School Social Worker is available to provide counseling for any student whose social, emotional or behavioral needs are impacting on their educational performance.   Parents or classroom teachers may refer a student to the social worker directly if they are concerned about the social or emotional functioning of a student. The Social Worker and classroom teachers work together to obtain a functional behavior assessment, and to develop positive behavioral intervention plans. Social work services may be provided in the classroom, or through pullout sessions with individual or small groups of students.


    Psychological Support: The LaGrange Area Department of Special Education (LADSE) staffs the district with a School Psychologist who performs educational assessments for special education evaluations, intervention strategies and progress monitoring for classroom teachers, and counseling or behavior management support for individual students. The LADSE Psychologist is a member of the Student Support Team in the school.
    Self-Contained Special Education Classrooms: For those special education students whose academic or behavioral needs are such that they need more intensive instruction or support than the regular classroom can provide, the district has three self-contained classrooms. The ECE Program at Ideal School has a morning and an afternoon session for 3-5 year old children who have been found eligible for special education services. The Primary Cross Categorical Program and the Intermediate Cross Categorical Program, both at Seventh Avenue School, provide full day instruction for district students from first grade through sixth grade. 


    Middle School Special Education Classes: Gurrie Middle School provides special education classes in both seventh and eighth grades in the following content areas: Literature, Language Arts, Math and Study Skills. Each grade has a certified special education teacher who provides the instruction in these classes, and also assists the general education teachers with curriculum adaptations and modifications in their classrooms.  


    Occupational or Physical Therapy Support: For those students found eligible, LADSE Occupational or Physical Therapists provide individual or small group therapy in the classroom or through pullout sessions during the school day. These services address those motor needs that are impacting on a student’s educational performance, and do not take the place of any private therapy a child may need for more intensive motor delays.


    Vision, Hearing and Physical Itinerant Support: LADSE provides itinerant teacher support for those students having a vision, hearing or physical mobility needs that impact on their ability to participate in the school setting. The Student Support Team will refer a student to LADSE for an assessment and determination of need for the service. 


    Assistive Technology, Autism, and Behavioral Consultants: LADSE provides consultation and training for classroom teachers and teams that work directly with the school and family to support students with autism, behavioral concerns and assistive technology needs. The Student Support Team will make the referral to LADSE for these services.


    For additional information, please contact:


    Coleen Winterfield
    Director of Student Services
    (708) 482-2700 x 1006