• District 105 Food Service

    Please see note at bottom for the 2021-2022 School Year
    The District 105 food service program offers tasty, reasonably priced meals to students. All meals meet the criteria and regulations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Illinois State Board of Education.  While lunches are served by the district, it is the parent's/guardian's responsibility to see that their child has lunch each day. Students may bring their own sack lunch, or purchase hot lunch at school.

    Pre-Paid Lunch Plan: Please note that students are to use a pre-paid process to purchase lunches.  Parents should deposit with the school office pre-paid funds to cover lunch.  Lunch is $3.09.  Milk only is $0.30.  Reduced price qualified students must have pre-paid funds for the reduced price of $0.40 per lunch. Students who qualified to receive a free lunch do not have to have pre-paid funds. 

    Pre-Paid Breakfast Plan: Gurrie, Hodgkins and Ideal Schools also offer breakfast for $2.24.  The charge for reduced price qualified students is $0.30.  Students who qualified to receive a free lunch do not have to have pre-paid funds.

    Viewing Menus Online: Click on the school below to see the menu:
    Weekly Menu Emails: Parents can register themselves to our food service provider and receive weekly menu emails. If you have multiple students in District 105 you can select multiple schools to receive emails for the specific menu at each school. Click HERE and follow the prompts to register yourself and sign up for automated emails.

    Viewing Student Lunch Transactions and Balances: Parents can always view their student's lunch balance and transactions by logging on to the PowerSchool Parent Portal on the top menu bar under QUICK LINKS. Once in PowerSchool, click on the dollar sign ($) on the left of the student's screen.

    Adding Lunch Funds to Your Student Account: Parents can add funds to their student's pre-paid lunch balance by sending/bringing a check to your student's school office. The school office will also accept cash (please do not mail cash).  Parent's can also add funds through the District 105 Web Store by clicking HERE to go to the informational page or HERE to go directly to the Web Store. The online Web Store accepts debit cards or VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit cards.

    Automated Calls/Emails: Parents/Guardians whose student's lunch balances fall in arrears by more than $12.50 will recieve automated phone calls/emails from the District office weekly until the balance is paid, In addition, lunch balances appear on progress reports and report cards. Negative balances will be highlighted. Parents/Guardians whose student's lunch balances fall seriously in arrears will be contacted personally by the school principal if the account is not replenished within two weeks. If the account is still not not replenished within a week, then the matter will be forwarded to the District office, which will then contact the parent/guardian. Although the school will try to help parents/guardians keep on top of the students' balances, it is ultimately a parent's/guardian's responsibility to monitor their student's lunch balance. 
    ***2021-2022 School Year

    D105 maintains our commitment to providing healthy meals to students and families. During the 2021 -2022 school year, D105 enrolled in the Summer Seamless, Breakfast and Lunch Program, which provided free lunches to all students throughout the school year. (Note: free breakfast will be served at Hodgkins, Ideal, and Gurrie) 

    The purpose of this communication is to inform you D105 will continue to provide a free breakfast/lunch to students throughout the 2021-2022 school year. Students must take the complete breakfast /lunch, with milk, to receive the meal free. If a student does not take the full meal, they will be charged for the components of the meal they took. Additional milk can be purchased for $0.30.

    The D105 community is standing united during this difficult time. Thank you for supporting each other as we work through this together.

    If you have, any questions do not hesitate to reach out to George Tolczyk, D105 Director of Business Services at (708) 482-2711.


    Queridas familias del D105,

    El D105 mantiene nuestro compromiso de proporcionar comidas saludables a los estudiantes y las familias. Durante el año escolar 2021 -2022, el D105 se inscribió en el programa "Summer Seamless" de desayunos y almuerzos, el cual proporcionó almuerzos gratuitos a todos los estudiantes durante todo el año escolar. (El desayuno gratuito se servirá en Hodgkins, Ideal y Gurrie)  

    El propósito de esta comunicación es informarle que el D105 continuará proporcionando un desayuno / almuerzo gratuito a los estudiantes durante todo el año escolar. Los estudiantes deben tomar el desayuno / almuerzo completo, con leche, para recibir la comida gratis. Si un estudiante no toma la comida completa, se le cobrará por los componentes de la comida que tomó. Se puede comprar leche adicional por $0.30.

    La comunidad del D105 se encuentra unida durante este difícil momento. Gracias por apoyarnos mutuamente mientras trabajamos juntos a través de esto.

    Si tiene cualquier pregunta, no dude en comunicarse con George Tolczyk, Director de Negocios del D105, al (708) 482-2711.