District 105 Foundation

Empower students to pursue their interests, talents, and dreams.

1. Strengthen family and community relationships throughout District 105.
2. Award college scholarships to high school seniors in equal numbers from our four elementary school communities.  
    A majority of the scholarship awards will include a criteria based on financial need. 

Board of Directors
Officers At Large Board Members D105 Staff Liaisons

Amy Carroll, President

Michelle Luburic, Secretary

Eric Stortz, Treasurer

John Finn

Erin Hall

Bill Holder

Andrea Hornickle

Michelle Luburic

Mike Buttron

Scott Musillami

Connor Carson

Mark Smith

Eric Stortz

Amy Carroll

Dr. Brian Ganan

Ed Hood

Eilidh Hall


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Eric Stortz, Treasurer
District 105 Foundation
701 S. Seventh Avenue
LaGrange IL 60525

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