• Our Monday, March 16th Rehearsal has been cancelled. 

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  • Thank you all for joining us for auditions this year! We are proud to announce our cast full of pure imagination! Our first rehearsal will be Tuesday, February 11th, in the Gurrie Cafeteria until 5PM. Students may take the activity bus from their home schools to Gurrie. Transportation home mus be provided. 





    Augustus Gloop

    Tyler Kirk

    Candy Man

    Ainsley Litster

    Charlie Bucket

    Everett Kittridge

    Grandma Georgina

    Samantha Cervantes

    Grandma Josephina

    Alyssa Hubbs

    Grandpa George

    Jackson Koos

    Grandpa Joe

    Devon Wong


    Ben Nietes


    Gensis Nietes

    Mike Teavee

    Brandon Harris

    Mr Bucket

    Marko Milutinovic

    Mr Salt

    Ethan Meuer

    Mrs Beauregarde

    Simone Brown

    Mrs Bucket

    Isabella Dullick

    Mrs Gloop

    London Shannon-Muscolino

    Ms Teavee

    Lydia Busker

    Phineous Trout

    Joey Olinger

    Veruca Salt

    Ava Wisniwski

    Violet Beauregarde

    Mckayla Duran

    Willy Wonka

    Naomi Kallemeyn

    Cooks (5)

    Sydney Jones, Alyah Montalvo, Yazmin Salinas, Abigail Schultz, Veda Rodriguez 

    Squirrels (5)

    Jordyn Hoffenberg, Sarah Kuzenetzow, Louise Kallemeyn, Hanna Bato, Lorette Avalos 

    The Candy Man Kids (5)

    Lydia Kwak, Zoe Connelly, Harmonie Pickman, Vivi Koppel, Lily Rittenhouse 

    Oompa Loompas

    Karenna Knop


    Valeira Monterrosas


    Iriana Garcia


    Eleanor Harmount


    Zoe Stone


    Mia Olszowka


    Violet Quinn


    Samnatha Escobedo


    Paula Calderon


    Caroline Cannizzaro


    Mary Sandman


    Carrie Riopell


    Claire Rufa


    Amilyn Brasse


    Maggie Renick

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    McKayla Duran 

    Simone Brown

    Ainsley Litster 

    London Shannon-Muscolino

    Lydia Busker 

    Lydia Kwak 

    Zoe Connelly

    Isabella Dullick

    Harmonie Pickman 

    Benjamin Nietes 

    Brandon Harris

    Genivieve Koppel 

    Lily Rittenhouse 

    Alyssa Hubbs

    Genesis Nietes

    Naomi Kallemeyn

    Devon Wong

    Everett Kitteridge 

    Tyler Kirk 

    Ethan Meuer 

    Marko Milutinovic 

    Jackson Koos 

    Ava Wisnewksi 



    I Want It Now

    Pure Imagination

    The Candyman

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  • Call backs were originally listed as Thursday, January 30th but will have to be moved to Monday, February 3rd. As a reminder, the call back audition is by invitation only. If your child is NOT asked to call backs it does not mean he or she has not made the cast! All students should check the cast list which will be posted here by Thursday, February 6th. 

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  • District Musical

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    Directors: Mrs. Noga and Mrs. Lansford

    This year we will continue to have a green audition form and packet, which are linked here. Students will need to fill out the audition packet BEFORE auditions. 


    Auditions will take place Monday, January 27th in the Gurrie Cafeteria from 3:15-5:00. Students may leave once they audition. 

    Call backs (if needed) will be Thursday, January 30th from 3:15-5:00pm by invitation. 



Group Contacts

  • Mrs. Noga

    Ex. 1245 - Gurrie Middle School


    Mrs. Lansford

    Ex.   - 1435