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Meet the Nurses of School District 105!

SD 105 employs a certified school nurse.  The certified school nurse, under the school code of Illinois, works closely with all staff, utilizing the school health program to contribute significantly to the attainment of optimum health and safety in a school setting.  SD 105 also employs Registered Nurses (Jessica Decker, Debbie Miller, Sharon O'Shea-Siegert, Tianna Rolfe) to maintain nurse staffing in each building. The nurses rotate throughout the schools during the course of a week and are generally at the schools daily from 8:30am-3:00pm.

If you have any health related questions or concerns you may contact your child's school and ask to speak with a nurse.



Have a healthy year!


Samantha Dellaportas
District Certified School Nurse (MPH, RN)

Jessica Decker
Registered Nurse (RN)

Tianna Rolfe
Registered Nurse (BSN, RN)

Debbie Miller
Registered Nurse (RN)

Sharon O'Shea-Siegert
Registered Nurse (BSN, RN)