• Respect Plan

    Our Respect Program relates directly to needs identified by the Spring Avenue staff, parents, and students. It also relates to our mission and vision statements. The entire philosophy is built around Responsive Classroom.

    Responsive Classroom is
     a widely used, research- and evidence-based approach to elementary education that increases academic achievement, decreases problem behaviors, improves social skills, and leads to more high-quality instruction. (www.responsiveclassroom.org)
    Our program includes rules and consequences, but this is just one part of our total program. Many opportunities are available which emphasize responsibility, caring, cooperation, and problem solving.

    School-Wide Components
    • District 105 Discipline Policy (See Parent-Student Handbook.)
    • Responsive Classroom and/or PBIS- in all schools
    • Respect Theme- in all schools
    • Two School-Wide Rules
      • 1.We will show respect toward adults, other students, and all property.
      • 2.We will be kind to each other, respect differences, and learn from our mistakes. 
    • Information Regarding Bullying- training and speakers provided for staff, students and families
    Classroom-Level Components
    • Responsive Classrrom Approach throughout
    • Discipline Plans -The teachers are implementing discipline plans for their classes. (A copy was sent home to parents early in September.) The plans include the school-wide rules, and other rules and consequences written by the teachers after class discussions.

    Responsive Classroom Approach:
    • Morning Meeting- Each class will conduct the Morning Meeting which is designed to build community and encourage cooperation and communication. These morning meetings include new and improved greetings, activities and academic focus opportunities. 
    • Ownership of Classroom/Community Rules-discussions, solving problems together
    • Taking a break as needed- identifying this for our individual needs 
    • Common Language

    Overall Approach:
    • Individual-Level Components (for Students Who Require Additional Interventions)
    • Referral Process for Student Support Services
    • Problem Solving Strategies
    • Communication with home
    • Consistent Language: Own it, Fix it, Learn from it

    This Behavior/Discipline plan is constantly being updated by our Responsive Classroom team. All teachers have had additional training during the summers and we will continue to update our plans, according to these ideas. We are also providing additional training sessions for support staff and parents for implementation of that common language at lunch, recess, during specials and even after school.

    One recent addition to this plan is our updated morning assembly which will enhance our "start up" of every single day. We refer to this as our morning kick off meetings. These meetings include Move-it Monday, Thinking Thursday (for math stumpers) and Fun Friday, which can include tecnology updates highlighting current events.

    During our whole school community building meetings, students and staff will talk about goals for behavior, as well as how to make each and every individual feel valued, safe, encouraged and important. Students will develop rules based on our school motto: Manners Matter, Kindness Counts and Respect Rocks. A detailed description will be designed around what respect looks like and sounds like in all areas of the building. Staff includes every adult who works in the building so students know everyone cares!

    Another way this plan has been updated is by constant communication with our community and staff. From health to academics, safety and overall care, we encourage a strong and consistent level of communication. Please call, email or write a note; we must keep in touch! This makes our efforts for everything even more successful!