• District 105 Student Performance Dashboard
    District 105 is a member of the Consortium for Educational Change (CEC).  CEC members share and implement best practices methodologies and tools to improve district performance and student achievement.   
    One best-practice tool is to publish a performance dashboard of district goals and performance to our stakeholders in a concise and easy to understand format. The District 105 Dashboard contains our six district goals, historical data, targets, and a status indicator (red, yellow, green). 
    Our current dashboard is updated on the website and presented to the School Board as performance data is gathered to provide straightforward information about the progress the district is making toward its goals. As the year progresses, we color code the dashboard to reflect the status of our progress toward goals and annual targets.  Green means that the district is progressing as, or greater than expected in that area; yellow means that progress is not quite to district expectations and red signifies that the district is not making expected progress.  
    Also, each of our five schools have a School Student Performance Dashboard that reflects each school's progress and priorities. Each school's Dashboard can be found on the respective school's website.
    Click HERE view the most updated District 105 Student Performance Dashboard