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    Welcome to La Grange School District 105! We are excited to have your family with us! On behalf of all the current teachers and staff at District 105, we would like to welcome you to our district. In order to register your child/children with our district, you will need to have a few pieces of information handy. Click to expand any of the sections at the bottom of this page for further information and instructions.   

    Important Dates for the 2023-2024 School Year:
    New District Families-Early Kindergarten Registration Starts on 3/7/2023
    Re-enrollment for returning students from Preschool-8th Grade Starts on 4/14/2023
    Final Registration and Re-Enrollments are due by 8/11/2023 (If re-enrollments are not completed by then students will be transferred out of our systems as not returning.)

    If your student is an entering Preschool student, they will need to be screened before being allowed to enroll in the Preschool programs. Please reach out to Hodgkins School at the number below to schedule a screening. Do not fill out any registration forms until told to do so. 


    Please contact your home school for assistance. 

    • Hodgkins/PreSchool: 708-482-2740
      • Bev Millsap, Secretary
      • Maria Almaguer. Preschool Secretary
      • Svetlana Popovic, Principal
    • Ideal: 708-482-2750
      • Marbella Marinez, Secretary
      • Eilidh Hall, Principal
    • Seventh Avenue: 708-482-2730
      • Kathy McHugh, Secretary
      • Erin Hall, Principal
    • Spring Avenue: 708-482-2710
      • Nancy Jones, Secretary
      • Amy Read, Principal

    General Registration Questions contact:



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