• Cheerleading

    See the Annoucements below for important information regarding the upcoming season!


  • Cheer mix 2020

    Cheer mix 2020 video Final 

    Practice this cheerleaders! We are preparing for our LAST game!

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  • 2020 Cheer Mix Videos

    Here is the link to the song

    Here is the link to the practice video

    Fast Section:

    1 - hands on hips in fists jump out

    2 - Arms in low V

    3 - Arms cross X across chest

    4 - Clap

    5 - Arms flex

    6 - Arms in front of face up and down

    7 - clean together

    1 - arms behind neck in fists jump out

    2 - R down low V

    3 - arms behind neck in fists

    4 - L down low V

    5 - Cross legs jump

    6-7 - Broken T

    8 - Clean together


    PRACTICE before Thursday. We will finish on Thursday and clean!

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  • Happy Holidays cheerleaders!


    Changes to the schedule:

    Reminder there is NO practice the rest of the week (practice Thursday is cancelled) - enjoy your holiday prep and break!

    We have made an adjustment to the schedule!  We will have practice on Monday 1/6 (3:15-5:15) to prepare for the last games of the season.  There is a regularlly schedule game on Tuesday 1/7.

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  • Holiday cheer EM FULL

     HERE the video for the full EM holiday cheer..PRACTICE!

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  • Holiday Cheer GLM


    Here is the link to the holiday cheer song


    Here is the link to the full practice video

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  • Blanco Brown All District Practice

    Here is the link to the song

    Here is the link to the video from practice

    Here is a link to the steps


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    We will resume with practice on MONDAY.

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  • Basketball Cheer Mix

    Here is the full video from practice


    Here is the link to the song



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  • Swagger Jagger

    Practice this routine it will be done at halftime

    Day 2 full choreography


     Full teach video

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  • Use the page here to practice each of the Gurrie SideLine routines.


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  • Click here for the tryout routine video to practice


    Click here to see a copy of the words of the routine

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  • Tryouts Clinics will be held on Monday October 21st and Tuesday October 22nd from 3:15-5:20 in the Gurrie Small Gym.  You will learn the routine and practice jumps.

    You MUST attend these dates in order to tryout.

    Tryouts will be held on Thursday October 24th gtom 3:30-5:30 in the Cafeteria.  You will tryout with a partner at a 10-15 minute timeslot.

    Team results will be posted on the school doors before Friday Morning

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